OCTOBER 15, 2020


Sustainability has been a defining factor in modern day customer preferences, and company research. Every company wants to be sustainable; every customer wants to live more sustainably, but what does that mean?  

  • Does it mean buying things locally?  
  • Does it mean using less waste?  
  • Does it mean sourcing products ethically?  

We think it's all of them, and we wanted to build a company that reflected this all of these values.   

Drinx and Entreez is striving to become a sustainable container delivery and pick up service partnering with local breweries, wineries, distilleries, and restaurants to bring fresh local food and beverages to your doorstep. Our goal is to create a disruptive eco-friendly distribution network. Unlike most companies, we prioritize the reuse of the containers we deliver and reward our customers for acting more sustainably. 



The amount of resources and funding it takes to get food and beverages from artisans to a retailer's shelf is extremely high and inefficient. High costs associated with branding, packaging, shipping, and markups from distribution centers, and retailer cause the price of alcohol to become extremely high. With everyone wanting a cut in the current supply chain model, you as a consumer pay a massive premium on products while at the same time only 20% of the money you pay on a bottle of wine actually goes to the winery. 
We want to close the gap between alcohol, artisans, and their customers and get money back into the hands of the experts that create these delicious drinks as well as save our customers money. 
In our Drinx model we are cutting out the retailer and focusing on a direct to consumer model. We are also localizing the preparation, and distribution of our products to cut down on costs and carbon emissions. We are bringing our customers alcohol with the same amazing quality you're used to, at a lower cost, lower carbon footprint, and higher convenience.