We noticed that everything we ate and drank was in plastic or glass packaging that was later thrown away. We realized that most of this packaging could be completely reused depending on the material. What if there was a system that was able to distribute, collect, sanitize, reuse, and resell these containers that held our food and drink. Here at Entreez we're building this system! 

Entreez is trying to tackle 3 big industry problems at once! Sustainability, restaurant support, and customer safety. Unlike most companies, we prioritize the reuse of the meal packaging we deliver. We are working on solutions to create as little waste as possible while also rewarding our customers for acting environmentally friendly. Restaurants are in dire need of help and we are here to support! Entreez works with restaurants to help them sell their meals. We also don't take large fees for our services! Lastly we want all our customers health and wellbeing protected. We have created safe routines to keep our employees and customers safe. Enjoy the same amazing food you love in the safety and convenience of your home.

We are a diverse group of young college graduates, creative alcohol artisans, and hardened restaurant owners that are bringing systems of old and technology of new together to create a new era of distribution and home delivery. We are passionate about creating an experience that excites and rewards. We want to make living sustainably easy and reward our customers for doing it!